About Us
Golden Leaf Automotive
GLA - Golden Leaf Automotive is your unique online source for your restoration parts store.

We are committed to sell only the best restoration products available and providing lowest price to our value customers.

Golden Leaf Automotive is the Canadian based extension of Dynacorn International Inc.

For over 18 years DII has been producing all the hard to find parts for your classic cars.

Because of the abilities of our manufacturing facilities, our product development is without peer in the classic car industry.

Between GLA and DII, there is over 100,000 sq/ft of warehouse space dedicated to serve you as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We work very close to all our factory supplieies to maintain highest level of our inventory. It is our goal to supply your parts when you needed and with best price available.

We update our site everyday for our inventory and price to serve you in real time. It is our Granteed service you can count on.